Consensys Scale Web 3 Startup Program

Consensys Scale, formerly the Consensys Startup Program, is a 12-month building journey, opening the entire world of Consensys to the world’s leading web3 ventures. Learn, Build and Accelerate with Infura, Linea, MetaMask and Diligence Fuzzing. Receive a world  of support & benefits. Let’s succeed together.

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We chose to work with Consensys because of their unparalleled expertise and deep commitment to advancing blockchain technology. The Consensys startup program has provided us with support, connecting us with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders. The program's emphasis on mentorship and access to resources has been valuable to us at the stage of our growth. We are grateful for the opportunities and guidance offered by Consensys, and appreciate the perspective they shared based on their experience in the blockchain ecosystem.

Get access to our developer bootcamp and bi-weekly startup workshops featuring partners like Cointelegraph, Keyrock, Protocol Labs, AWS and more.


Deploy your dApp on Linea, grow on Infura, build a Snap for MetaMask to connect to 100M web3 users, integrate the MetaMask SDK or proof your smart contracts with Diligence Fuzzing.


Connect with our global VC partners and Consensys Mesh. Get the word out with our marketing support and receive incredible benefits such as hosting credits, media for equity or decentralized storage.


Who is a good fit for the program

Seed to Series A stage with VC-funding raised.
Functional team with  product-market fit
Operational businesses with a website and professional presence

We joined the startup program in order to leverage the vast experience of Consensys within many web3 fields through technical consulting and advisory. We benefited a lot from the connections we made in the program with other interesting startups and even investors.

Michel Kallas, Strategy Manager at NiftyCraft Mitch Rankin, CEO



The 12-month Path to Accelerate your Growth

Are you building something awesome on web3? Let’s talk.